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Diesel generating plant

The 55,000kW diesel power plant consisting of 9sets of 6,200kW diesel engine driven generators constructed in the industrial zone in Vietnam.

Alternator and control system

Diesel generating systems consisting of 5 sets of 10,200kVA alternator and control desk delivered to the over sea power station.

Equipment for power plant

Electric power for the whole island.
Power generating systems
The power generating systems are provided for industrial zones, power stations in island,buildings, hospitals and other various facilities worldwide. The systems supply reliable power for 24hours continuously.

Out door open type

Co-generation system with a gas engine fueled by city gas(13A) which is recognized as clean energy.

Out door type(Gas engine driven)

A compact and low noise gas Co-generation system by adopting package type cubicle. .

Out door type(Diesel engine driven)

A high efficiency diesel Co-generation system with diesel engine fueled by diesel oil.(Low pollution and low noise

All in one type

A compact gas Co-generation system packed all necessary devices such as a generator panel, an auxiliary panel, an exhaust gas heat exchanger, a hot water circulating pump and a three way valve as well as a gas engine and a generator in one package.
High reliability
Environmentally friendly
Various applications: Diesel engine generating system / Gas turbine generating system / Steam turbine generating system / Hydraulic turbine generating system

Co-generating systems

The global resources are finite. Co-generation system recovers heat energy in the exhaust gas from the diesel engines which was wasted in vain in the past and utilizes it for air-conditioning etc. The system also contribute to low pollution and energy conservation program as well as to achieve preservation of the environment and preservation of global warming by reducing CO2.

All in one type
Low pollution, energy conservation
Combined use as an emergency generating system
Various fuel: Gas Co-generation system / Diesel Co-generation system 
Various application: Hotels / Hospitals / Shopping centers / Aquariums / Office buildings / Factories

Built-in microcomputer type

Wholly automatically controlled by microcomputer from detecting blackout condition, starting engine and supplying electricity to detecting recovery of electric power and stopping engine. By adopting package type cubicle, low-noise type generating systems are realized and more over, installation work is very easy and can be installed anywhere, because of the cubicle being out door type.

Cubicle type 

An emergency generating set packed control devices and a storage battery together with an engine generator set in one cubicle.

Open type

An emergency generating set intended to install in doors.

Gas turbine driven type 

A compact generating set applied gas turbine as prime mover and installed in package type cubicle.
* Compact
* Light in weight
* Free from cooling water (Free from cooling water trouble caused by an earth quake or freezing at a cold district.) 

Emergency generating systems

Emergency generating systems are provided to protect livings of people from an unexpected blackout caused by the disasters such as fires and earth-quakes. The generating system starts automatically in case of blackout condition and supplies electricity to the equipment such as safety devices and fire fighting apparatus, etc.

Abundant line up
Compact and light in weight
Silent (standard type, low noise type, ultra low noise type)
Full automatic control
Various application: Office buildings / Shopping centers / Bank online system / Department stores / Communication infrastructure systems / Factories / Hotels / Hospitals / Theaters / Under ground shopping areas / Amusement parks / Schools / Stations

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